Weight Loss Support: 3 Ways To Encourage Your Loved Ones

The first step in losing weight is making the commitment to change your lifestyle and eating habits. This is a steep task to ask anyone who is used to a certain way of living and eating. These lifelong habits can be hard to break without support. Changing the way you shop at the grocery store toward healthier items and squeezing time into your busy day to get a workout in are a couple ways that someone can start their weight loss journey. Here are three different ways you can positively encourage your loved ones in their weight loss journey, no matter how big or small the feat may be.

Be a workout buddy 

This simple action will not only motivate your loved one to commit to his or her workout, but it will also keep you accountable as well! There is nothing more rewarding than working toward a goal with someone you love, and keeping each other accountable at the same time. Exercise is an important step in the weight loss journey and it does not have to be inconvenient. Take a walk around a neighborhood together, do a workout video in the comfort of your own living room, or get a gym membership together and join some classes!

Be a positive example

There is nothing worse than getting advice from someone you just don’t believe in. If you set a positive standard for your loved one to look up to, simply by the way you eat and exercise, your presence may rub off on them. By setting a good example you will not tempt the person to make bad food choices and you will encourage them to workout with you. They will be able to look to you for support and strength when they feel weak.

Be there to listen

There are always rough times when a lifestyle change is in order. Getting away from old habits and routines not only takes self-perseverance, but a lot of mental energy and self control. It is really hard to go on this journey alone, so being a simple ear to listen can go a long way for your loved one. You do not even have to give advice, or try and be a mentor during this time. Simply being a sound board for your loved one will do wonders for their mental energy and well being.

These tips will help you and your loved one stay motivated, zealous to attain health goals, and weight loss goals alike. The journey is very rewarding and can bring about strong moments of bonding if you stay persistent. There is nothing better than going through this time in life with someone you love and trust, so make an effort to let the person know you are going to be there for them through thick and thin. Whether it be workouts, words of encouragement, or a simple ear to listen, it sure will go a long way!

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