Top Five Holiday Recipe Swaps

Just like that, the Holidays are upon us whether we like it or not! With all of the hustle and bustle, sticking to your healthy eating routine can be somewhat of a trick to do when cookies, and cakes are being given to you left and right. Don’t get me wrong, I love these gifts but they do mess up a diet routine! It really does not have to be that difficult if you swap a few of the usual ingredients for a healthy alternative to avoid the dreaded weight gain over the Holidays. Take a look at the five dishes below and if you plan on making them for family and friends during this busy season, and try swapping them for a similar alternative that everyone will love! Not only that, but you can go ahead and leave the guilt behind.

– Appetizer –

Clean Artichoke Dip vs. Traditional Dip

Who doesn’t love a good artichoke dip, whether it is at the Holidays or just in general? Aside from the inevitable cheese platter that will be out for appetizers go ahead and replace your usual dips with a healthful artichoke dip. Just when you find yourself hovering over the appetizers, you will not feel so guilty when can’t keep away from this tasty artichoke dip.

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– Sides –

Candied Yams vs. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This swap is guaranteed to blow over just fine with your guests. Rather than having the mashed potatoes next to the candied yams on the menu, switch up the texture by roasting chopped up sweet potatoes. There is nothing too hard about this swap, and it requires no recipe at all! Not only will this switch up the texture, but your guests will be able to save their sweet tooth for dessert!

Vegan Low-Cal Gravy vs. Traditional Gravy

This is my all time favorite add on during holiday dinners. It’s the little things that count! Try cooking a low-calorie gravy to go along with your dishes this year versus the heavy gravy that will only leave you feeling sluggish afterward. Not only will you save on empty calories, but your vegan guests will be able to take part in the fun with this PS1000 original recipe!

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– Main Dish –

White Meat Only Holiday Turkey vs. Traditional Turkey

Believe it or not, staying away from the dark meat on the turkey this Holiday season will save you quite a bit of calories. By sticking to the white meat, you will consume half of the amount of calories and fat. Here is a clean and simple delicious Holiday Turkey recipe to make this adjustment a breeze!

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– Dessert –

Apple Tart vs. Apple Pie

With all of the Holiday cookies and treats floating around this time of year, if you can be in charge of making your Holiday pie a bit healthier, you most definitely should! Try swapping an original PS1000 Apple Tart recipe for your Traditional Apple Pie! It is guaranteed to satisfy that pie craving and leave you a little happier with your decision to indulge without the buttery crust!

Full Recipe Details:

Fresh, delicious, and healthy food is just as easy to prepare as the same dishes with more fat and calories! Enjoy indulging in some of your favorites this season without all of the guilt! With these five Holiday recipe swaps you are sure to impress your guests and sleep easy knowing you did not fall too far off track this season! Enjoy!

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