The Benefits Of Lemons

When you think of lemons, do you think sweet or sour? Do you think about it being healthy or unhealthy? There are many different lemon knock offs around our world whether it is lemon candy, lemon sorbet, or lemonade from a can. This is not the “lemons” I am focusing on today. Fresh off of the tree, with a bright yellow and citrusy peel ready for consumption is what I am referring to here. There are more health benefits than you ever thought imaginable, so take a look below and be amazed at these beautiful yellow treats.

There are many different ways you can incorporate lemons into your daily living, whether it be by spritzing some in your water or adding lemon zest to a meal to up the flavor levels. No matter which way you incorporate lemons into your daily routine; you are doing your body a favor in the long haul!

Fun Facts About Lemons

Lemons balance out the PH Levels in your bodyDid you know that the body has a PH level, and it needs to be balanced? Well you would think an overly acidic food would cause more of an unbalance in your PH levels, but lemons actually alkalize your body and balance the levels out! This is why it is so great to wake up in the morning to a little warm water and lemon to get your body started out on the right foot (1). It helps get your bowels get moving in the morning too, by getting waste to flow through your body more regularly, so morning lemon water is always a good idea!

Because lemons are really high in Vitamin C, they are great for fighting infections, flu’s, and colds in the body too! It also detoxifies your liver, which is good for anyone!

Have you ever suffered from kidney stones, gallstones, or calcium deposits? They are extremely painful to pass, and can require hospitalization if they get too large. The citrus acid from lemons can help to dissolve those deposits, which will ease the pain of passing these horrible intruders!

On top of the lemons being so good for your insides, they also make your skin glow. They help erase free radicals that so easily can wear us down and age our skin. They help the body to keep on producing collagen, which keeps our skin elastic, and looking youthful (2).

How To Choose Lemons

Picking fresh produce is not as easy as it looks, and there are some tips and tricks to follow when picking out the perfect lemons for your everyday use. Always choose the lemons that are completely yellow all of the way around. If there is any green on the lemon still, it is not ready to go and will taste tart. Make sure they have a good feel to them, and are not overly hard. Anytime you choose a lemon, always be mindful that the thinner the skin, the juicier the lemon will be.

Dining With Lemons

Lemons enhance flavor in any meal you make It comes as no surprise that lemons are regularly added to many dishes around the world, and for good reason too! They bring a zest, freshness, and overall quality that no other food in the world can possess. In the most recent recipe “Lemon Herb Mediterranean Chicken Salad” the lemon makes the recipe as fresh as ever. Take a look at this amazing recipe, and get your lemon fill on today!

If you are worried you will waste the lemons after purchasing them, try cutting them up and freezing them in water in an ice cube tray. You can put them in a glass each morning and still reap the benefits weeks after you bought them! Try and drink your lemon water about 20 minutes before breakfast, because the acidity in the lemons will help you absorb your breakfast nutrients more efficiently! Be mindful that it is best to drink warm lemon water, so it does not shock your system. Heating water up and placing the cubes into the warm water is the best way to go!

Tying Together The Facts

No matter how you choose to incorporate lemons into your daily routine, they are so good for your long-term health by the amount of vitamins, minerals, and detoxification properties they offer. They taste pretty great too, which is why many unhealthier foods like sorbets, and lemonades try and emulate their greatness. Anytime you are squeezing the juice from a lemon into your water, or next meal just remember all of the great benefits it is going to do for your body!

To top it all off, lemons take away nausea so anytime you are feeling the effects from a diet detox try sniffing or drinking something with real lemons in it! Your nausea should subside, and be more manageable than before you tried the lemons out.



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