The Benefits of Cinnamon

There is no doubt that cinnamon is one of the best, tastiest, and effective spices the planet has to offer us. “Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of trees called Cinnamomum.” (1).  It is filled with many different properties that can heal and improve ones health, which is the reason it has been medicinally used for thousands of years. On top of it being an effective spice for health reasons, it also tastes amazing and enhances many different recipes. Seen and found all over the world, cinnamon offers a punch to your food and drink that will better you health and overall well being. Research has proven that it ranks as number one when it comes to its antioxidant levels (2).

According to Dr. Axe,

One tablespoon of ground cinnamon contains:

  • 19 calories
  • 0 grams of fat, sugar, or protein
  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 68% manganese
  • 8% calcium
  • 4% iron
  • 3% Vitamin K

We are already aware of cinnamon’s amazing antioxidant properties, but it also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties too. When inflammation hits the body, it can cause infection and sickness. It is important that inflammation is decreased, and the consumption of cinnamon can do just that trick. Fighting infections and viruses is a completely wonderful quality to incorporate into your daily diet just with a pinch of cinnamon.

Assists With Your Dental Health

Believe it or not cinnamon has the ability to clean your mouth with its antibacterial properties, which is why it is a common flavor found among toothpastes. It also has the ability to freshen your breath, making it a popular flavor with chewing gum. It is similar to peppermint and is added to a variety of dental products for better overall oral hygiene.

Blood Sugar Balancer

One of the more interesting facts about cinnamon, is its natural ability to fight diabetes. According to Dr. Axe, “These benefits of cinnamon exist because it plays a part in blocking certain enzymes called alanines which allows for glucose (sugar) to be absorbed into the blood. Therefore it has been shown to decrease the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream after a high-sugar meal, which is especially important for those with diabetes.”

Aside from all of the medicinal and health qualities that cinnamon poses, there are also a great deal of desserts and foods that can be made with cinnamon. One of the more recent recipes conducive to phase 2 on the PS1000 program is the Coconut Oatmeal Bake, which of course includes cinnamon as one of its ingredients! There is no doubt that this yummy super spice is a popular among children and adults alike, so don’t hesitate to sprinkle some on your daily breakfast or in your protein shake for extra benefits!


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