The 10 Best Smoothie Ingredients That Aren’t the Norm

If you are looking to rebound from a tough workout or just a tough work week, a smoothie might be in order. —- To add a little extra punch to your smoothie add try out these ten items as an extra boost!


This is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world today, why not add it as a base to your next smoothie? By adding tea, you will be adding flavor, as well as adding antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytochemicals which essentially fight oxidative damage and protect you from heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Tart Cherry Juice

Many runners and different endurance athletes consume tart cherry juice once a week or so before an event, and in return their recovery time is less severe once they cross the finish line. The main ingredient that makes tart cherry juice so good for you, is the high levels of quercetin. Quercetin has been known to prevent oxidative damage and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Adding tart cherry juice to the base of your smoothie will do wonders for your body long term!


Don’t be intimidated to throw a handful of spinach in your next smoothie! Spinach is loaded with high levels of iron, folate, B-vitamin and zinc which are all crucial to retaining proper nutrient levels.


Add a cup of cooked oats to your smoothie, and you will notice an added thickness which will be a pleasant surprise. Oats contain a wonderful amount of fiber, which is essential for a healthy diet, and lower cholesterol levels. Your smoothie will also be a bit more filling than normal!


Flaxseed contains a large amount of fatty omega-3’s which does a heart good! Next time you are making a nutritious smoothie throw in a handful of flaxseed. Not only will it provide you omega 3’s but you will also be fighting inflammation at the same time!


Aside from the texture, most people love blueberries which does not make this ingredient that out of the norm. (I had to add it in though!). Blueberries provide many positive nutrients to help fight off cancer and heart disease. Add in a cup of blueberries to your next smoothie, and your body will thank you!


Apricots are loaded with large amounts of potassium which are great for the balance of electrolytes in the body. The banana has to move aside in this instance, as the apricot packs more potassium per serving than a banana does. Along with providing electrolytes, the apricot also helps to lower your blood cholesterol levels.

Cranberry Juice

Adding a small amount of cranberry juice to your smoothie can help you fight against a urinary tract infection, as well as provide you with an adequate amount of bacteria fighting ingredients for your body. Did I mention that is also adds a nice tart punch to your smoothie? Yum!

Citrus Fruits   

All citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C, as well as large amounts of folate which do a body good. Adding a yummy helping of citrus fruits to your smoothie will be a cleansing and tasty outcome!


Pomegranates have been used for many centuries to treat disease and fight infections. With the high levels of antioxidants they produce, it doesn’t surprise me that they come up as a super food. Add a small handful of pomegranate seeds to your smoothie, and let your body soak up the benefits!

After reading this list of yummy smoothie ingredients, go experiment in the kitchen to find the blend that works the best for you and your nutrition goals! Don’t be afraid to mix and match ingredients from this list, and change up the base of your smoothie every once and a while for a new consistency! Enjoy!

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