Slim Waist Workout

Getting a few extra pounds off in the mid-section is always a good idea! This at home workout requires no equipment and can be done in any room in the house. Slim waists are achieved by your diet and in the “gym” by working those oblique muscles and lower abdominal muscles. Let’s get rid of those love handles for good together, and begin this workout the right way!


  • Indicator of good health
  • Less likely to experience lower back pain
  • Less likely to experience shortness of breath
  • Less likely to experience high cholesterol
  • Less likely to experience hypertension

Recommended Equipment

  • Yoga Mat (Optional)

*Always do a small little stretch and warm up before you jump into any exercise that is new to you. Make sure you have water nearby for hydration during your workout!

The Exercises

Side Plank Hip Lifts

We are familiar with what a regular plank looks like, but what about the side plank? You will just be rotating onto your side and will be holding your body weight up with your elbow rested on the floor and hip up. Your opposite arm can lie down on the top of the hip you are trying to keep up off of the floor. Lower your hip down and touch the floor, and bring it back up. This up and down movement will work your oblique muscles.

Beginner: 2x 10 seconds on each side

Moderate: 2x 30 seconds on each side

Advanced: 2x 60 seconds on each side

High Knees In Place

This is a simple way to work your lower abs, by standing in place and driving your knees up to your chest. Alternate left and right leg up, so it will look like you are running. Engage your lower abs and use the power from them to get your knees higher.

Beginner: 2x 10 seconds

Moderate: 2x 30 seconds

Advanced: 2x 60 seconds

Side Crunch Leg Raise

You will be lying flat on your back for this exercise with one leg up in the air and the other resting on the floor. To the leg that is in the air, you will do a crunch and get your shoulder blades up off of the floor. Crunch to both left and right sides of the leg that is elevated in the air for a count of 1. Do 30 seconds (for moderate workout) each leg in the air.

Beginner: 2x 10 seconds each leg

Moderate: 2x 30 seconds each leg

Advanced: 2x 60 seconds each leg

Alternate Heel Touches

Stay laying on your back for this exercise, and you will want your knees bent with your heels on the floor. With your hands down by each side of your body you will alternate touching your heels with each hand. You should feel this in your oblique’s, and if you do not go even deeper trying to touch the outside of your shoes. Your head will be up off of the ground but your shoulders are still pressed into the floor.

Beginner: 2x 30 seconds

Moderate: 2x 60 seconds

Advanced: 2x 90 seconds

Plank Jacks

You will be up on your hands (or elbows) and your feet will be extended out with your tiptoes on the floor. You will be in plank position. Start with your feet touching and then hop them wider than your shoulder length. Going back and forth your will alternate from narrow width to wide width. Keep your arms strong and your back flat the entire time.

Beginner: 2x 10 seconds

Moderate: 2x 30 seconds

Advanced: 2x 60 second

Bird Dogs

You will be on all fours with your knees and hands on the ground, and your back as flat as a table. When you are ready to start the exercise extend out your right arm to the wall in front of you and your left leg kicking back to the wall behind you. Alternate sides, and squeeze your buttocks at each rep.

Beginner: 2x 30 seconds

Moderate: 2x 60 seconds

Advanced: 2x 90 second

Toe Touches

Last but not least, toe touches which will work your lower abs. Laying on your back you will elevate your legs all of the way up into the air. If they are a little bent it is still okay, and you will be working the same muscles. Get your shoulder blades up off of the floor and reach those fingertips for your shoelaces. Come back down and repeat.

Beginner: 2x 30 seconds

Moderate: 2x 60 seconds

Advanced: 2x 90 seconds

Way to go! Always do a small cool down with stretching after any workout and remember to always hydrate before and after for better results!

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