Simple Tips To Give You More Time

Life gets busy; lets just face the facts and own it. Sometimes the most simple and easy tasks do not get done leaving our weekends jam packed with never ending chores. Once those chores are completed by 8:00 pm on Sunday night, you can finally breathe easy until bedtime. Wouldn’t it be really great if those chores were quicker, and you had more time to actually enjoy yourself on the weekends, and feel prepped for the week ahead? There are ways around the weekend chores that will leave you feeling more organized throughout the week.

When you are more organized in your week, it seems as if food choices become healthier, stress levels are down, and workouts actually get accomplished! The luxury. Here are a few tips and tricks that will give you more time throughout your week, so that you can actually enjoy the break on the weekend.

Make A List

This is so very important for a large number of reasons, so do not start anything before making a list. My sense of organization, and security is completely lost without a list of to dos. Each day whether it be for work or home life I have to dos that I make sure get done before I shut my eyes that night. Without that list, things get lost in the shuffle and will not eventually get done. Keep a planner, or a pad of paper written with items you do not want to forget and try to get them done each day.

If for some reason the list doesn’t get done, move it to the next day so it doesn’t get forgotten about. Most people grocery shop on the weekends like myself, so keep a list of items throughout the week that you need so it is easy to run to the store on follow your list on the weekend. Time is not wasted carousing up and down aisles wondering if you need the food or not.

Nip It In The Bud

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of mail that comes in on a daily basis? Or tasks for work that seem to pile up? Get the hardest tasks over with first, or the most time consuming. For me, my brain is really fresh at the beginning of the day and I know I need to tackle the hardest assignments for work straight away. Or when that dreaded bill comes in the mail, do not set it aside. Pull out your checkbook, and write the check immediately. Sort through your mail before you even enter your home.

I usually get my mail when I am coming home, so I am always in my car. Before I even step foot out of my vehicle, I already have different piles for my mail. In one hand is junk and goes straight to recycling, and the other hand is reviewable items. This usually includes bills, and documents that are important to open. Mail each day doesn’t pile up, and the important documents are seen and taken care of right away.

Plan Your Week

Can we all agree that one of the biggest time sucks are commuting, laundry, and cooking? It is so important to plan your week around things that take up the most time in your day. I literally know what my “laundry” days are going to be, and my “dishwasher” days. When you think about the tasks for the day throughout your week you will find yourself with clean laundry baskets and empty dishwashers come Saturday morning. Throw in laundry before you go to work on a Wednesday, and put it in the dryer when you get home. It will be dry by bedtime and you can put it away the following evening.

Meal prepping takes time on the weekends so let that be your only big chore on your day off. When you have food prepared for the week it makes life so much easier. Simple things like chopping onions, and DE thawing chicken to put in a slow cooker are time savers at the least.

Try It Out

No matter what your to do lists look like or your idea of planning ahead looks like, just do it! Everyone is in different situations, and has different demands in their lives so it will vary from person to person. When you try to set goals, make lists, and be aware of the tasks that need to be completed rather than letting them pile up, you will be in a more organized situation.

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