Seaweed, The Superfood of the Sea

Well, kale has stolen the show for quite a while now, and there is talk that seaweed is the next nutritious green to take the stage. Seaweed has been gaining its fame through Japanese restaurants in seaweed salads  and sushi for ages, in rejuvenating scrubs at the nail salon, and even as a great crunchy snack once it’s been dehydrated. This underwater plant is featured in a number of our favorite things to indulge in so we are going to take a look at what really makes it all that great to begin with.

Whether it be nutrition, skincare, or hair care seaweed seems to offer amazing benefits in all of these areas. Did you know seaweed is a general term that encompasses several different types of algae? There is Nori, Arame, Wakame, and Kelp Noodles. We are not here to bore you with the numerous benefits of each one of these variations, but instead help you to recognize the ones that will enhance your daily beauty routine.


Nori which is a part of the red algae family is one of the most common forms of seaweed found in the foods we eat. Nori chips or dehydrated seaweed sheets are a fantastic low calorie snack. Nori is also the form of seaweed found in sushi that holds the rice together. It is said to be a fantastic agent in lowering cholesterol and being particularly rich in fiber and a great source of protein.

Another form of seaweed in the foods we consume are kelp noodles which belong to the brown algae family and are a great gluten free substitute for pasta noodles. Kelp is a great source of iodine and iron and can help regulate your thyroid. Next time you are craving some noodles and have had your sufficient veggie dose for the day, go for a kelp noodle entree!

Skin and Hair Care

As far as skin care goes, we could take Kate Middleton’s word for it and go right out and grab the next seaweed infused facial serum, but we have done research to inform you of what makes this underwater plant the new rejuvenating ingredient in skin and hair care.

Seeing as how seaweed thrives in adverse conditions it revitalizes facial tissues and helps protect against the damage that our skin is exposed to every day and prevents aging. Many luxury skin care lines have been incorporating this ingredient into their facial cleansers, eye creams, serums, etc. We suggest you give it a try and provide your skin with a restorative glow.

The leafy green is packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, iodine, and other minerals that play a role in thickening hair and hydrating the scalp. We all love to have luscious locks, so next time you go out and purchase a new shampoo or hair product seek one out that contains kelp or seaweed to reap all the possible benefits.

As we have seen, this super food has more of the spectrum covered than kale, (I don’t recommend putting kale in your skin serum), so it seems like it is a pretty great alternative to greens if you ask me!

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