On the Go Workout

Not all workouts need to be long and time consuming, especially when you are trying to get them in first thing each day. Just setting aside a few minutes to work up a sweat will do your body wonders in the long run! This workout can be done from anywhere, even at your office if you have a small break in meetings! No equipment is needed for this workout, but if you want to use a mat for padding you are more than welcome to do so.


  • Stress Relief
  • Endorphins
  • Self-Confidence
  • Energy
  • Productivity

*Always remember to start out slow, and to stretch a little before you jump feet first into your workout. This reduces the risk of injury to muscles that might not be warmed up all of the way.

Equipment Recommended

  • Watch or Timer
  • Yoga Mat (Optional)


Close Grip Push Ups

Instead of having a wide base with your arms, try and bring your hands close together right under your chest. You will have a narrow base and will want to focus on keeping those elbows close to your body. If you find that your elbows are poking to the sides you are doing it wrong. Try and get your chest to touch the ground.

Close Grip Push-Ups

Beginner: 5 reps with knees on the floor

Moderate: 10 reps with knees on the floor

Advanced: 15 reps with knees off of the floor

Side Plank

You are probably familiar with regular “plank” where both elbows are on the ground and both feet are on the ground. In this particular exercise you are going to put your weight on one elbow and twist onto your side. Raise up your hips and hold. You will want to make sure your body does not sag here, but rather it stays straight. Hips up!

Side Plank

Beginner: 30 second hold each side

Moderate: 1 minute hold each side

Advanced: 90 second hold each side

Bicycle Crunches

Going out and riding a bicycle is more joyous than this ab exercise, but the benefits are far better when you opt to do it! Lay on your back and raise up your knees, you will want to put your hands behind your head, and raise your shoulder blades up off of the floor. With your legs rotate them in a circular motion like you are riding a bicycle, and move your elbows left to right.

Bicycle Crunches

Beginner: 15 reps

Moderate: 25 reps

Advanced: 45 reps

Calf Raises

This quick and easy exercise is going to get your calves firing and feeling stronger than ever before. You can do this ANYWHERE, and feel the burn. Stand shoulder width apart and rise up on your tiptoes, hold and then go back down to your heels for a count.

Calf Raises

Beginner: 3x 30 seconds

Moderate: 3x 60 seconds

Advanced: 3x 90 seconds

Wall Sits

The famous wall sit has built quadriceps muscles for many years, so why stop doing them? This is a fast and easy way to feel a burn in your legs, while keeping a strong core. Make sure your legs are at a 90-degree angle, and keep those hands away from resting on your legs. Instead, bring them near the wall for optimal results.

Wall Sits

Beginner: 3x 10 seconds

Moderate: 3x 30 seconds

Advanced: 3x 60 seconds

You can go through this twice if you have time, but once will do just fine if you do not. Make sure to do a small cool down and stretch your muscles to feel even better! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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