Here’s How to Avoid the 12 Mistakes That Fuel Holiday Weight Gain

One, slip up and it’s game over

This is the number one thing to keep in mind over the Holidays. If you “slip-up” or let yourself have that one treat that comes around once a year, that does not mean game over. Know that the treat was just fine and you do not need to go into the full on binge mindset and eat everything in sight for the day because it is now deemed “cheat day”. That day will turn into days, then weeks, and next thing you know, the New Year has hit and your resolutions all revolve around backtracking to getting yourself into where you were pre-holiday festivities.

Two, glasses too many

Two martini glasses with olives can be a lot of caloriesThis is super important to be aware of. As you have been straying away from the calorie filled cocktails for the past few months, your body will most definitely lose grasp on the tolerance you could once handle. Make sure to reach for water and keep yourself hydrated as for one too many glasses can make for quite a disaster if you are not careful! Not only that, but why waste the calories?

Three, eating the whole treat

Let’s face it, if your absolute favorite dessert is sitting right there in front of you and you are well aware that it only comes around once a year, you are almost always going to indulge. This is not an end all decision, just put your self-control to the test. Try imposing a three bite rule. Three bites will give you just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy that craving.

Four, fewer morning workouts

Do not begin to make the lame excuses for not having time to get your workout in. Sure, it may not be your usual hour long routine, but a simple 15 minutes each morning will do. If you concentrate your workouts, time will no longer be an issue and it is proven to keep the cravings down as well!

Five, forgetting to keep track of your weight

Although it can be a very daunting task, the more you do it, the less you will stray off track. Try and keep good measure of your weight fluctuation as you attend your Holiday parties and travel. The more often that you check the scale, the less alarming, and the easier to work with.

Six, waiting all day to eat

This is a very common mistake when it comes to the Holidays or big bash days in general. You think that if you are going to be eating a lot that evening you should save your calories.. Unfortunately this will lead you to overeat and be worse off than if you were to eat your normal meals throughout the day.

Seven, standing by the food

If you are cooking the meal, that is one thing but you should most definitely be spending your time mingling with those relatives you never see. It’s good for you! If anything it keeps you from hovering over the food table and endless snacking.

Eight, it can’t wait.

No no, it CAN wait… just chew slowly! Do not think that the Holiday hustle should be in play when it comes time to eat. This is when you should really take your time and eat slowly. Chew more and do not rush. Getting the food down too quickly can have a very negative effect on the waistline. The slower you chew, the more in tune your body will be to know when it is full and the less extra air will be consumed blowing up your stomach.

Nine, fill the plate

Just because there is a large buffet spread in front of you does not mean you need to fill your plate with anything that looks semi-appetizingJust because there is a large buffet spread in front of you does not mean you need to fill your plate with anything that looks semi-appetizing. In order to avoid this, it is best to grab the smaller of the plates available to keep those portions in control. If there are no smaller plates go ahead and leave room on your big one!

Ten, too much stress

As fun as the Holidays can be, there is no doubt that they can bring quite a bit a of stress along with them. Do your best to manage this stress by keeping a positive attitude. Your attitude will drive a lot of your choices, including steering clear from stress eating!

Eleven, peer-pressure

If you seem to be the only one concerned about staying healthy and eating (primarily) clean this season, do not let the family comments pressure you into giving up. Go ahead and have a little motivational buddy system with your friend or workout partner to keep you both feeling good about yourselves and on track. Remember, the only approval you need is from yourself! At the end of the day, it’s your body and the way you feel so if one less cookie is a start then so be it!Sleep is so important to the way that our body functions

Twelve, sleepless nights

Leave the sleepless nights to Santa. You can work hard during the day but be sure and lay your head to the pillow when it is time. Sleep is so important to the way that our body functions in nearly every aspect that it can be detrimental to skip out on those hours that you should be snoozing away!

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