The Health Benefits of Tuna

Tuna fish fresh off the boat is a tasty experience if you have not already been lucky enough to try it. There have been an abundance of health benefits when you consume the right kind of tuna, but beware that not all tuna is considered healthy. When you do consume the right kind of tuna, you are giving your heart some benefits as well as your skin and blood cells. They are one of the most popular fish on the market to buy and consume today, and it probably has something to do with its immense flavor profile and compatibility with other foods. Whether you enjoy it in a salad, sandwich, or in a ceviche appetizer the taste will satisfy.

What Are The Benefits When You Eat Tuna?

Tuna FishTheir vitamin and mineral count alone is impressive to say the least. Tuna is loaded with iron, magnesium, omega-3, potassium, vitamin B6 and a whole host of other notable names. Loaded with healthy protein and omega-3 fatty acids, this fish is essential to eat when you are trying to get more nutrition into your diet. The most common benefit when consuming tuna fish is heart health. Due to the omega 3 content, it actually helps control cholesterol levels in the body and keep the arteries healthy. This is very important considering heart disease is the number one killer of Americans today!

Omega-3 acids have been said to have anti inflammatory properties, which is also great for your blood pressure. Having a healthy blood pressure ties back to keeping a healthy heart, which is essential for overall wellness. On top of tuna fish being an amazing snack, in one can alone you are getting 80% of your daily protein requirements! The more protein you eat, the less hungry you will feel which might even result in weight loss too! According to Organic Facts, “Tuna contains good amounts of vitamin C, zinc, and manganese, all of which are considered antioxidant in nature. Antioxidants are one of the body’s defense mechanisms against free radicals, the harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that can cause cancer and other chronic diseases.” [1]

Be Cautious

Do not go overboard on eating tuna however, and be careful of the quality of tuna you are purchasing. Consuming too much processed tuna will put you at risk for mercury poisoning. Aim for purchasing fresh and unprocessed tuna fish, so that the mercury count is low to none. The cheaper the tuna, the more processed it is which will reverse all of the health benefits listed above. Most canned tuna contains mercury, so limit the amount you are eating if you are not able to buy it fresh. Every third day is recommended, but do not eat canned and processed tuna fish everyday.

The more fresh foods you eat, the better off you will feel at the end of the day. There is nothing better than fresh tuna fish in a garden fresh salad to make it a protein packed meal that will keep cravings away and energy up! This yummy yet nutritious fan favorite will do you favors whether it is skin health, heart health, weight loss, or just overall health and wellness!



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