Getting Rid of Foods Directly Linked To Our Obesity Epidemic

It is no surprise that America is by far the most obese country in the world, and many of us are feeling sick of it (quite literally). There are so many processed food options that only lead to a sicker, and fatter America yet we still choose to consume these foods on a daily basis. It is hard to get away from all of the advertising, and marketing that gets thrown into our faces regarding unhealthy food choices. While there are many people who already know the red flags that these products throw out, a good number of the other people truly do not know the health risks involved in eating these foods below:

  1. Sugar: Surprise, surprise. Sugar is literally killing millions of people each year with obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. While it is very difficult to cut sugar completely out, but be mindful of how much you are eating per day and try to significantly cut back for your own health’s sake. Sugar creeps its way into literally anything processed at the grocery store such as pasta sauces, cereals, drinks like soda, and salad dressings. Next time you are shopping, try and stay around the perimeter of the grocery store, as many healthier food choices live there.
  2. Margarine: This is not a bluff. You are better off consuming real butter over margarine due to it being made with hydrogenated fat. These dangerous trans-fats have been linked to life-threatening heart disease. Choose real butter, and as always use moderation, a little natural butter can do more good than harm.
  3. Fast Food: Yes I am referring to the greasy hamburgers, French fries, soda pop, and potato chips you can consume while at a fast food restaurant. Not only are these foods loaded with sodium and sugar they are also highly addictive which has you consuming larger amounts than you should be. These food chains are easily accessible, and hard to turn down. Once you educate yourself of the internal damage fast food can do to your body, you will think twice before making this food choice a weekly habit.
  4. White Bread: As good as a loaf of white bread tastes, it is literally full of empty calories do little to nothing good for your body. Instead of reaching for the white bread full of refined flour and sugar reach for whole grain options which provide more nutrients overall.

These foods have been nationally recognized as unhealthy, and bad for you over the course of many years, yet they still get thrown into our face through marketing hundreds of times a day. These marketing channels are but not limited to television, billboards, professional sports event sponsors, and social media. Simply getting educated on what everyday items are downright toxic to the human body, will make it easier for you to choose healthier food options in the future.To better your health, and weight try and reduce the consumption of the foods above, and our body will thank you for it!

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