Cloud Bread: What is it?

You may or may not have heard about cloud bread, and what makes it so special. This “bread” is not your typical carbohydrate and caloric filled snack, but rather it is a low calorie high protein bread that can be substituted for a variety of things. For those of you who are watching your carbohydrate intake, calories, and overall sugar consumption for that matter, cloud bread will be worth your while! Check out this recipe for Cloud Bread here. Essentially is it made with eggs, cream of tarter, a tiny bit of agave sweetener, and greek yogurt or cottage cheese, which is minimal on the ingredient count.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, Cloud Bread contains vitamins like: “Vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, choline, and selenium. These nutrients support eyes, bones, metabolism, cognitive function, and immunity.”(1) This goes a long way on the nutritional scale, but how does it compare to actual bread itself? It does not taste anything like bread actually, so be mindful you are not going to get that spongy taste most white breads give you. It has a unique texture and flavor that is tasty to some, but not to all.

Cloud bread can be versatile Aside from having the name “bread” in its name, there is really nothing similar to bread and cloud bread. There are virtually no carbohydrates in cloud bread, whereas it is quite the opposite to French or Wonder Bread. It is free of gluten entirely, which makes this a great option for those suffering with celiac disease. While your regular loaf of bread is filled with fiber, cloud bread no absolutely no fiber in it, so supplement accordingly.

The texture and taste of cloud bread can be described as chewy, like a meringue. According to Mashed, “The dough is made by whipping egg whites, so its texture is closer to a chewy meringue fresh out of the oven. It is delicious! But it’s also very different from your local bakery’s loaves.” (2). You can really use cloud bread for the same reasons you would use normal bread since it can be toasted, sliced, and enjoyed with a burger or a sandwich!

There are many uses for cloud bread that make it a versatile and fun snack to try out. The cook time depends on which shape you choose to bake it in, as you can choose round discs, loafs, or long skinny breadstick variations. Whatever shape you choose, the flavor will come out the same and you can even mix it up with different spices for extra punch. You can make small pizzas with it, use it to dip in olive oil and spice, or even try it as a sandwich.

The possibilities are endless with uses for cloud bread, the toughest part is taking the time to try out a new recipe! This simple recipe is not hard to follow, and there are a variety of ways to incorporate it into your diet moving forward! Have fun, and try cloud bread out for a healthier way to get your “bread” fix.



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