The Benefits Of Plain Greek Yogurt

In many diets the thought of any dairy is usually forbidden! That is not the case with the PS1000 diet, and you will see Plain Greek Yogurt as an approved food under the protein category. This is an approved food for many reasons, as it harbors a lot of healthy probiotics, calcium, zinc, potassium, B6, B12, and protein. Forget the low fat sugar filled yogurt with very few benefits and opt for plain Greek Yogurt instead. Up to 6 oz. are allowed during Phase 1, so take advantage of its amazing health benefits.

How is Greek Yogurt Different?

On average Greek yogurt can contain anywhere from 12-17 grams of protein per container.So what really makes Greek yogurt that much different from regular yogurt that you see on the shelves in the grocery store? There is an extra step that is added when making Greek yogurt that allows the water, minerals, and excess lactose drains out. The finished product leaves you with a thicker, richer, denser yogurt with less sugar and more protein. It has a tart taste to it, which naturally gives it a more acidic chemical breakdown allowing the body to absorb nutrients quicker (1).

Whey is the water part of milk, which is strained out during the process of making Greek Yogurt. This is why it is much more thick and creamy that normal yogurt, packing a punch with calories and protein. Because whey is taken out, there is a lower lactose content in the yogurt which serves as a positive for those people who are lactose intolerant (2).

On average Greek yogurt can contain anywhere from 12-17 grams of protein per container, which is pretty impressive! Go for the plain, and add a small amount of granola to it for some added crunch. Or some berries if you want a natural sweetener that won’t be unhealthy in the long run. Or if you like chia or flax seeds they are a great addition to your daily Greek yogurt consumption, so have a hay day with your different options! Be mindful that most Greek-style yogurts are vegetarian friendly, but some brands use animal collagen to improve the consistency, so double check to make sure this is no the case in your Greek Yogurt.

Nutritional Heights

It is no secret that Greek yogurt is an entire leap and bound better for you than regular old sugar filled yogurt. Not only does the sugar play a part, but the carbohydrates that hide in “low fat” sugary filled yogurt are almost double than that of Greek. Because Greek yogurt has a more tart taste to it, it has a lot more versatility with different dishes to choose from. You can go savory, or you can choose sweet and still come away with a delicious dish. The latest recipe on is the Greek Chicken With Cucumber Salad and it is quite a winner in the savory department.

Whether you are eating it plain with a topping of choice, or incorporating it into a meal this protein packed snack is a winner. Try it in smoothies, incorporate it in recipes, eat it plain, or enjoy it with granola. The possibilities are endless, and the health benefits are worth it! Don’t overdo your consumption though, and stick to 6 oz. because it is higher in fats!


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