The Benefits To Buying A Spiralizer

We have all walked by these interesting contraptions at our local Sur La Table, or Bed Bath and Beyond and kept on walking. But what about actually stopping to look at these impressive kitchen gadgets, and potentially invest in one? The spiralizer you purchase should be able to spiraling more than just zucchini and carrots, and it should stand the test of time. This quirky tool was invented in Japan, and it was unknown for quite sometime until the vegans and vegetarians of the world caught wind! It is now a popular item to have in the kitchen whether or not you practice being a vegan or vegetarian.

Different Models

You can use a lot of different veggies with a spiralizerThere are really only two types of spiralizers you can choose from: The handheld models and the countertop models. What is the difference between the two models? The countertop model is exactly how it sounds, and acts like the old fashioned apple peelers you crank in the circle on your countertop. The handheld model can literally fit into the palm of your hand and requires more muscle if you are spiraling a firmer food. This option is best if you are limited to counter space, but the countertop models are more popular overall.

The countertop models also come with three blades that give a different cut to the vegetable you are working with. The flat blade is the first one, and it gives off a rather flat and wide cut to the veggie, and is good for making veggie chips for example. The second blade is a julienne blade both fine (think angel hair pasta) or regular width (think regular spaghetti). Sometimes the handheld devices come with three blades, but they are harder to find as they usually only come with a standard blade. You can use almost any veggie in a spiralizer machine, so don’t be timid to try them all out!

The Best Countertop Models

According to Food and Wine, they did a review on the best machines they could find and rated them as such. Coming in at #1 on their list was the OXO Good Grips three Blade spiralizer and it costs around $40.00 on Amazon. They liked this model the best because it felt more sturdy, was easier to put together and clean, and it performed cleaner than the other devices.

In second place was The Best Ultra Compact Spiralizer: ScharfPro Folding Vegetable Spiralizer  for $29.00 on Amazon. It performed roughly the same to the other models, and was easy to assemble and clean up. The factor that pushed it forward was its compact model and easy storage in the kitchen.

Endless Options

There are so many fun recipes you can incorporate into your diet if you choose to purchase a spiralizer. The most recent recipe added to the PS1000 list is the Sweet and Sour Thai Carrot and Cucumber Salad, and it invovles spiralizing the carrots and cucumbers. On top of recipes, you can keep it simple and spiralizer your favorite veggie in the place of a simple pasta dish, and reap the rewards of getting more greens into your daily diet. There is no shortage of creative ideas when you purchase one of these machines, so don’t be shy to take a second look at one when you are at the store next time!


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