All About Shrimp

There are some people who love shrimp and others who do not love it, but the nutritional benefits for this food are more positive than they are negative. With the refreshing recipe Shrimp and Avocado Summer Rolls you can either add it in, or keep it out depending on your preference. If you add it to the recipe you will get a healthy punch of protein, and if you keep it out you will get a light and fresh summer snack. This mysterious sea creature is both beautiful to look at and even more delicious to eat, with over 2,000 varieties to choose from get ready for some flavor! There are many fun facts about shrimp that you may not already know, so check them out below.

Fun Facts About Shrimp

  • “To attract fish, cleaning shrimp wave their white antennae and do a little dance.
  • They are strong: Harlequin shrimp, from the Pacific and Indian oceans, use their flat, oversize claws to sever arms from sea stars for food.” [1]
  • “In order to protect themselves from predators, shrimp possess a sharp beak or nose, called the rostrum, that extends off the head of their body.
  • Shrimp acquire their food either by sifting through the sand of the ocean floor or filtering the surrounding waters to ingest small particles of various plant or animal species.
  • The majority of shrimp are marine creatures while a quarter of the shrimp population is found in freshwater sources.  Shrimp can survive in waters that are up to 16,000 feet deep.” [2]

Nutritional Facts

Shrimp have a large nutritional valueWhile these cool creatures are fascinating under the water, they are also very beneficial above it too. With their protein source high and their calorie content low, they make a great healthy food of choice that you can enjoy weekly. For example, just three small ounces of shrimp will give you around 20 grams of protein, with very minimal fat and carbohydrates to go along with. [3] According to Health Magazine, “Four ounces steamed contains over 100% of the Daily Value for selenium, over 75% for vitamin B12, over 50% for phosphorous, and over 30% for choline, copper, and iodine.”

How To Cook Shrimp

When you buy shrimp from the store, if you are a first time shrimp goer it might be confusing on how to cook them. The good news is, they are extremely easy to cook and they are quick too, which makes meal prepping a breeze with shrimp. Simply get your shrimp laid out and place them in a skillet. Once they are in the skillet, add your light oil of choice with some seasoning and cook them thoroughly on both sides. Gently stir and toss them in the pan until they are fragrant and ready to eat!

This delicious food group is best paired with a veggie of some sort, and a healthy fat to go alongside. So get creative next time you are in the mood for shrimp, and include the family so they too can benefit from the nutrition shrimp has to offer!



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