6 Life Hacks Toward Fat Loss

Losing weight can be hard, downright frustrating at times when it comes to getting started, and better yet finishing strong. There are certain tips and tricks that can help you lose fat, just by doing the “small” things that may not seem like a big deal at the time. While these small changes won’t become habits overnight, they will jumpstart your weight loss the moment you can incorporate them into your daily routine! Have a look at the list below, and get inspired to hack your way to fat loss!

Dine on Smaller Plates  

The amount of food you are able to fit on your plate can be a deciding factor to how much you are able to consume in that sitting. Many times, we dine on plates that are much too large for us which in turn leave us feeling overly stuffed. Try and eat your meals on a smaller plate, to ensure that overeating does not occur!

Add Spice 

Add spice to your meals, and it will kick start your metabolism to burn hotter and faster! The simple cayenne pepper (as do many other spicy foods) contain Capsaicin which essentially causes that burning feeling the moment the spice hits your tongue. It has also been said to generate extra body heat which in turn kick-starts your metabolism. By going extra hot, it may deem positive results in your weight loss journey. Do use personal caution and restraint however, as everyone’s limits are different.

Hot Lemon Water

Drink a glass of hot lemon water, and your digestive system and metabolism will thank you! Many professionals have looked into this and confirmed that hot lemon water will not only clean out your system if taken in the morning, but it will also give you a small energy boost as well as clean out your digestive system for better movement throughout your day.

Eat Slowly

The slower you eat, the more you will enjoy the food in front of you. The faster the eat, the more prone to overeating you are going to be. Your brain and your stomach are constantly in communication, so the slower you eat, the fuller you will begin to feel. When you scarf down food quickly, your body does not even have a chance to enjoy the food.

Wear Form Fitting Clothing 

The tighter clothing you wear, the easier it will be to tell when you are getting full. Try and wear workout clothes (yoga pants, etc.) so you will be able to notice when you are getting full, as you will be able to feel it better. Clothing can be used as a good sensory reminder, as we are fully aware of how our clothing fits at most points during our busy days. If you do not have access to wearing form fitting clothing all of the time, be mindful of this as you eat.

Park Farther Away

We are all guilty of circling the parking lot for the closest, most convenient parking spot on the lot. This not only does us harm (in our waistline), but it also makes us more prone to an accident in higher traffic areas. You will be able to get more steps in and burn more fat in the process by simply having to walk a little further than normal. Do yourself, and your car a favor and park a little farther out, as you will reap the benefits in more ways than one!

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