5 Iron Rich Foods You Need to Incorporate into Your Diet

Iron deficiencies are a very common nutrition issue among many people in today’s society, especially in women of childbearing age, as well as small kids. When the body does not get enough iron, it often becomes sluggish and low on energy. Athletes along with women and children are most commonly affected as there is a serious lack of oxygen going to the muscles due to the lack of hemoglobin in the blood levels. The amount of iron everyone needs is different but the average is around 18 milligrams a day unless you are pregnant of course. So what can you do to up your iron intake, to ensure that your body does not feel sluggish due to lack of iron? Check out these 5 iron rich foods that will help you get your body the proper amount of iron it needs to function at its most optimum level.


Who would have thought, clams would ring in at #1? The truth is, clams are extremely high in iron with 3 oz. of claims providing you 24 milligrams of iron! That will exceed your daily limit of iron needed in one sitting. Clams are also high in potassium and sodium which also does a body good! Next time you have the options to eat claims, give it a shot and your iron levels will rise significantly.


Fish along with clams contain a significant amount of iron in just one serving. Whether it be salmon, halibut, sardines, or tuna you are on the right path to getting your proper amounts of iron for the day.


Yum! Did someone order edamame? There is nothing tastier than a steaming hot bowl of edamame to enjoy with your meal. Not only does edamame provide you a good amount of protein, it also provides you with about 5 milligrams of iron per cup. Enjoy this tasty snack, and reap the benefits of both protein and iron intake.


Lentils along with white beans provide a hearty amount of iron in just a half of a cup. When you consume a half of a cup of lentils or white beans you are essentially getting 4 milligrams of iron into your body. There are a multitude of healthy soups you can make with white beans and lentils that are both nutritious and diet approved!


This last one should not come as a surprise to anyone, as spinach is notorious for its iron content. There are many ways to enjoy spinach whether it be in a yummy salad or a green smoothie. In just a half of a cup of spinach (which is not a lot) you are getting a little over 3 milligrams.

These are all great foods options to try to incorporate into your diet if you already have not. This is just a small outlook on the benefits of iron, but to learn more about the importance of getting the proper iron supplementation, as well as the dangers of overdosing click here. While getting iron is important, an overdose can be fatal causing organs to shut off, cancers to develop, and is fatal to young children as well. Be informed!

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