5 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

There are so many weight loss programs thrown in our faces nowadays, and it can be hard to know just where to start with it all in our search for better health. We have all been in a situation where the foods we have chosen to eat were making us gain weight, and become sick as well. There are a lot of yummy food choices to take advantage of that will not only kick-start your weight loss journey, but be tasty enough to stick with your program long term!  Take a look at the list below, as there are a variety of healthy yet tasty options you can choose to accelerate your weight loss goals without sacrificing your health in the meantime.


While this is technically a variety of foods chopped together, it is rather delicious, healthy, and can aid in weight loss. The variety of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, lime, and onions are full of healthy antioxidants that will be a wonderful topper to any chicken, steak, or salad. Leave out the greasy tortilla chips, as those will be counterproductive to enjoying this delicious side!


Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways, which makes this food versatile for any diet. They are jam packed with great amounts of protein and they are affordable too! When you consume an egg made any way, your body releases a hormone called glucagon which has been said to burn fat in the body! Now that’s a nice way to start your day off, or pick up your sluggish afternoon!


An apple a day will do your body even more good than keeping that doctor away! Apples are loaded with a rich amount of fiber that helps the body feel full for longer periods of time. Try and avoid sugary applesauce’s and fruit juices as they have a more negative effect on your body than positive. When you are physically able to chew something, it sends a signal to your brain to let it know it is actually full.


You can eat a grapefruit a number of ways (even add it to your salsa)! The reason why grapefruit has been a popular food of choice when looking to lose weight is because this fruit is over 90% water. It will make you feel more full for longer periods of time essentially banishing terrible cravings. This tasty fruit also has the capabilities to lower your insulin levels, which deters any insulin spikes from occurring.  With a half of a grapefruit amounting to about 50 calories, (depending on size) this comes as a great snack to keep you on track!

Black Beans

These yummy morsels are filled to the brim with healthy proteins that will leave you supercharged and full of energy. There are a number of ways to incorporate black beans into your diet (soups, dips, salads, salsas, and simply plain). Black beans are dark in color because they contain flavonoids, which have been said to help burn off body fat. While many people are shy of consuming beans due to indigestion and gas it may cause, the more you consume them the more your body becomes accustomed to their digestive properties. Beans are loaded with proteins, fibers, and to top it all off they are affordable too!

Click here to get more diet friendly recipes that contain the ingredients listed above! Enjoy eating healthy, as all of these recipes are super tasty!

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